Here are a few aircraft sightings from DFW airport. Advertisements

These are again written as a set of points without proper sentence format. 1. Lufthansa Checkin Counter: the staff does not know the baggage allowance and the person in charge of collecting the charge for excess baggage is so slow that it takes about twenty minutes-half hour to finish the excess Baggage stuff. Meanwhile, the […]

Pinterest is a great concept but I am disappointed with its mobile app as well as its web interface. Specifically, if I am uploading a picture from my phone or laptop, Pinterest is unable to upload it correctly at the first attempt, or second attempt and sometimes even the third attempt. I am able to […]

There is rampant parking violation in Coimbatore. Such violations are leading to numerous accidents on the road – both for vehicle users and pedestrians. Recently, two articles appeared on Times of India and The Hindu talking about such violations and the remedial measures taken up by the traffic police. The two articles makes me wonder […]

Take a look at the photos posted above. A single lane has discontinuous white line making it two lanes. This is Coimbatore Corporation’s / Tamil Nadu Government’s way of proclaiming that they have constructed four-lane roads even in residential areas. The photos clearly point to the fact that there is space just for one car […]

Madras / Chennai Airport: This is written more as a set of points with mo sentence structure. I thought Chennai Airport is improving. I went through this airport in 2011/12. Now I’m sharing the status after one year. Smell: not pleasant, some odor – possibly sweat, open toilets AC Duct: lot of dust around , […]

The Indian Political class is unable to offer any good reason for either introducing a policy or opposing the same. FDI in retail is a classic example. 1. The BJP says that the Congress party and Dr.Manmohan Singh opposed FDI in retail (in 2003?) for the same reason that the BJP is espousing – the small […]